Recycled metals are a great asset: an important resource that tought to become a huge competitive advantage for the industry, for the environment, and for growth.

Supply of Materials

The Supply of high-quality raw materials.

Purchase and Collect

The Purchase and collect of ferrous and non-ferrous materials.


Industrial Demolitions made with great precision and safefty.


Integrated Transport Management.


Thorough analysis of incoming and outgoing metals.


International trade.

Materials Management

Ferrous and non ferrous material is processed by weighing, inspection, sorting, sheering, shredding and baling.


Delivery, collection and management of containers for industrial scrap and waste.

About Us

It was in 1958 that Alfredo Tardioli and Anna Berrettoni began collecting and recycling metals in Foligno, a town in the Apennine hills near Perugia.

Today, with 50 years of experience, the Tardioli Alfredo S.r.l. is a reality established in the area of steel and iron scrap recycling.

With its integrated management of the entire recycling chain, from scrap collection to materials handling, and the supply of quality metals, the Tardioli Alfredo S.r.l. is among the leading Italian names in the sector.

Its customers include premier Italian companies operating in the iron, steel, and metallurgical industry.

Quality, safety, research

There are no simple solutions to complex problems. The Tardioli Alfredo S.r.l. is well aware of this and responds bygoing about its business adopting a systematic approach that leaves no stone unturned.

Incoming and outgoing materials are inspected meticulously at the company’s facilities, so as to ensure the safety of everything that arrives and everything that leaves.

Production processes are conducted in strict observance of all current regulations relating to safety and care for the environment.

Procedures are revised and updated continuously, with all employees directly involved, and with the benefits of investment in research fully tapped.

Environment and sustainability

Being involved in the metal recycling chain means helping to save energy and water (needed in large quantities to process newly extracted minerals) to reduce the amount of waste generated by mining operations around world, and significantly lower the emissions usually generated when processing metals.

Today, more than 50% of the metal used by the iron and steel industry already comes from secondary sources.

But we believe more can be done, hence the mission of the Tardioli Alfredo S.r.l.: to operate as a major player in the recycling industry, both nationally and internationally, working to maximize the quality and efficiency of the entire chain, make it economically competitive and minimize its environmental impact.

Authorization and Certification

Tardioli Alfredo Srl maintains the highest standards in terms of authorizations and certifications.

Cat. 4B


Cat. 5F


Cat. 8C



Via Lago di Fusaro


Località Paciana

Conto Terzi

Transport for Hire or Reward


SISTRI's Iscrition Number


Quality, Environment, Security and U.E. Regulations


The ferrous scrap sold by Tardioli Alfredo S.r.l. are:



HMS 1&2 80:20

Railroad Ferrous Scrap


Shoveling turnings

Iron borings

Steel Scrap (304, 310, etc.)

Crushed Cars

Machine Shop Turning/Iron Borings

Iron Scrap

Other Ferrous Scrap

The non-ferrous scrap sold by Tardioli Alfredo S.r.l. are:

Red Metals













09/11/2017 - We are at Umbria Business Matching 2017 powered by Confindustria.

Umbria Business Matching 2017

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25/05/2017 - Executive Council of Young Entrepreneurs Group of Confindustria Umbria took place at the Tardioli Alfredo S.r.l.'s headquarters.

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28/04/2017 - President Boccia in Foligno for the Festival of Science and Philosophy

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30/01/2017 - Executive Council of Confindustria Umbria - Territorial Section of Foligno and districts took place at the Tardioli Alfredo S.r.l.'s headquarters.


17/12/2016 - Christmas Party!

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25/11/2016 - We are at Umbria Business Matching 2016 powered by Confindustria.

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